A web site only has two purposes for existing: to provide information, and to sell something. These are the concepts that do both:

  • Function as well as form - A site needs to be more than just attractive to the eye- it must be FUNCTIONAL. Your purpose in having a site is to tell others about your business, to convince them they should DO business with you- to SELL THEM.

  • Clean, crisp copy - Notice how easily your eye is drawn to this page. There's nothing fancy here, and we've done that on purpose- to demonstrate that what SELLS is the COPY on your page. Text should flow just like a great novel, the kind you can't put down. It must TELL the viewer about your business, and must SELL him on doing business with you.

  • Easy navigation - If your site has a lot of information, it has to be very easy for a viewer to GET TO that information. Every link has to work, every button has to go somewhere, and every page has to come up quickly. Otherwise, you've lost your viewer, and the chances are you'll never get him back.

  • Pages need a purpose - There shouldn't be any MISunderstanding about what's expected in the viewer's mind. Think of it as taking someone by the hand, and LEADING them somewhere, then, when you get there, telling them exactly what they need to do. Every page must contribute to the overall story of your business. If they don't, they shouldn't BE there.

  • Style - We've listed style next to last, because if your site doesn't achieve the first four points we've covered, all the style on earth won't help. Don't ever be misled into thinking just because your site looks good it's going to do it's job. Have you ever bought cotton candy at the fair? It sure looks good, doesn't it? But what do you actually eat? Mostly air! Yes, style is important, and definitely needs to be there, but style doesn't sell-CONTENT does. It's not just HOW you say something, it's WHAT you say that counts here!

  • Cost - Certainly cost is a factor in designing a web site. Our goal is to build you the best possible site for the most reasonable price. Every site we build is individual. Every site has it's own unique requirements. We don't offer "pre-packaged" web sites, because no package can possibly take into account all the variables that go into building a site. We can promise you this, however: Your site probably will cost LESS than you expect! And there won't be any compromises on quality!

    Contact us for a FREE, no obligation quotation! Tell us what you require, and we'll provide a detailed proposal with a FIRM price quote. (No "surprises" down the road- what we quote is what you pay and not a cent extra!)



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